Why Positive Body Image is Important

The way you see and feel about yourself is vital to your success and happiness. Attaining a positive body image is important in this process. There are many aspects of your life that are affected by your body image. In such a fast paced, busy world our body image is usually given the least amount […]

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Best Flowers for A Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are a great time to use natural décor for your wedding, and what better natural décor then flowers? Flowers for a summer wedding are a great way to add some color, beauty, and visual impact to the wedding or reception. The following is a look at the best flowers for a summer wedding: […]

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Support Group Wisdom

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The Parents Anonymous Group was a wealth of information; I wonder how I could ever have managed without it and the members. Here are a few quick tips that I learned in group that helped me many times: Nothing lasts forever. Change is inevitable… except when you have a toddler that throws tantrums and every […]

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4 Pathways Through the Triad: Truth, Vulnerability and Courage

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The Greek word for truth is aletheia, which literally means to “un-hide” or “hiding nothing.” When was the last time you yourself were absolutely truthful in the presence of someone else? When was the last time you candidly chose to not hide something from within you? “Man is least himself when he talks in his […]

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Thoughts on Raising Gender-Able Children

Gender roles are often in the news but I wonder if we are talking about it enough with spouses and children. Back in May I discussed child discipline and child abuse with a fellow blogger in Scotland after my article Reporting My Husband to CPS Not Once— But Twice. He enjoyed the article so much […]

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Recreating Intimacy

My husband and I recently realized that we didn’t like each other as much as we wanted to. We were often arguing. He’d come into the room and I’d feel tension in my shoulders. The kids would fuss, he’d respond and I’d disagree. It got to the point where I wanted to walk out of […]

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