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Why Kids Lie about Homework (and How to Handle It)

When you were young did you lie about homework? I certainly did. I’m not always sure why I lied to my parents about homework, but thinking back after all of these years it occurs to me that one reason for doing so was that it seemed like a huge amount of work. There were so […]

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Oh No! Summer’s Almost Over; Get Ready for A New Academic Year

When Summer is almost over, and the school year is about to start back up again, it can be intimidating as a parent to know how to get ready for the upcoming academic year. The following are some tips for how to get ready for a new academic year: Required school supplies. First and foremost […]

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Homework Approach For Parents

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“My children were such fun – until homework entered the picture.” ~ Anonymous Parent Homework is necessary to reinforce what kids learn during the day, according to educators, but it can drive a wedge between parents and children at times. What can be done to change that? Parents Anonymous was a godsend to me many […]

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Some Secrets to Homework Success for Your Kids

Homework is a part of life for someone in school, and learning how to successfully do homework from a young age is a big part of doing well academically for your whole life. The following are some of the secrets to homework success: Make it part of the routine. If a child makes doing homework […]

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Web Tools for Making Your Classroom More Interactive

When you are a teacher, you need to use everything at your disposal to assist you in getting your lessons across. With the Internet, this is simpler than ever. There are plenty of tools and resources created specifically for teachers and students to make the learning process more interactive and even fun, no matter what […]

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The Homework Box of Gems

Every parent is familiar with the homework issue. Some children handle their homework load well while others have a tough time of it. Actually, there are four main things a parent should consider when planning homework time. 1. Homework Assignments. Teachers now have children keep special parent folders placed in a backpack or school bag. […]

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