School Days

Adjusting the Straps of Junior’s Backpack for Safety

A child’s backpack can cause serious health problems if it is not chosen carefully and worn properly. Chiropractors and physical therapists have reported a dramatic increase in child patients who suffer from back pain that can be directly linked to the use of backpacks. There are many reasons for the increase in backpack related pain […]

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Sending Healthy Lunches to School with Your Child

The state of school lunch today is one of almost complete disarray. School districts across the country are turning their school cafeterias into mere delivery systems for pre-packaged and overly processed food for their students’ lunches. In many districts schools have given up school lunches altogether and allowed fast food outlets to lease a day […]

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Helping Your Teen Make the College Decision

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When a child starts high school, as a parent, you should be actively talking to your child about college. Regularly discuss all of the choices that they need to make to put themselves in a good position so that it helps them decide which college experience is right for them. Getting good grades is something […]

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The Back to School Transition

With the return back to school just around the corner, preparing your child(ren) for the transition from Summer is imperative. Many parents extend bedtime, forego studying and put off otherwise routine tasks for the sake of summertime fun and play. Easing your kids back into the school routine can be tricky, frustrating, and may even […]

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Stopping the Morning Madness

Mornings can be hectic for everyone. It always seems like there is a mad rush to get everything ready for the day, and everyone ready and out the door in time for school, work, etc. However, there are some things that can be done to stop the morning madness and allow a calmer start to […]

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So, Why is Preschool Important Anyway?

There are a number of reasons that preschool is so important for a child to go to, but the main reason is that it helps with kindergarten readiness. The following are some of the reasons preschool is important: Kindergarten academic readiness- Kindergarteners are supposed to go in knowing the basics, their numbers, their letters, shapes, […]

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