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Rules of Thumb When Your Child is Flying Alone

When you have a child flying alone there are some things you will want to do to help ensure their safety. Follow some of these rules of thumb to help ensure their safety and protect them from getting lost, stranded, etc.: 1.Put them on direct flights. Most airlines will not allow children under seven to […]

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Need to Know: Staying Safe at Christmas Time

While Christmas is one of the happiest holidays for many during the year, it is also a dangerous time of year. There are safety concerns with many of the different aspects of Christmas. The following are some of the Christmas safety tips to help you have a happy holiday. Tree safety tips:Tip one: No live […]

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Dos and Don’ts of Using Social Media to Connect with Your Kids

Joshua John currently works in community relations for the University of Southern California’s Virtual Master of Social Work program, which provides social workers the opportunity to earn an “online social work degree” and apply for a “social work license”. He also loves gadgets, movies, and all things Batman. Dos and Don’ts of Using Social Media […]

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Surviving Summer

We were all so looking forward to summer, weren’t we, mamas? Long, uninterrupted days of nothing that we had to do! Now a week later, there is nothing to do! Ah are wrecking our homes with your flip flops at the front door and your wet towels on the back deck. Summer, you also […]

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Start a New Weekend Tradition: Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

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When I think of comfort, I think of the Saturday morning pancakes my father made throughout my childhood and adolescence and occasionally into my adulthood. At first it was chocolate chips and whipped cream, then, as I aged, oatmeal-laden cakes rich with bananas, blueberries, and flax seed for my health. I went from pancake syrup […]

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Developing Your Child’s Motor Skills Through Coloring

Fine motor skills can be defined as those small muscle movements that occur in the finger, in coordination with the eyes. Teaching fine motor skills is similar to teaching other skills namely because the instructor must always try to be patient and understanding. It is important to keep in mind that fine motor skills will […]

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