Family Vacations

What to Know to Ease Your Mind About Your Unaccompanied Minor

It can be daunting to send your child on an airplane without you, but if you take proper precaution it does not have to be any scarier than sending them to school. The following are some of the things you will want to know to ease your mind and ensure your child does not get […]

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What YOU Should Know When Your Child Flies Alone

Be sure to call your airline to find out its specific regulations regarding children flying alone. In general though, airlines follow these guidelines.Here are the things you should know when your child flies alone: The ground rules set by the airline. Every airline is different, and the rules, regulations, and policies change for each carrier, […]

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Top 4 Locations for Family Holidays

Working out where to go or what to do with your children can be difficult. For some people it is easy, just reminiscing over past holidays, and deciding on a location to take their children, where they have once been. For others though, deciding on a somewhere to take your children can be a tricky […]

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Family Camping

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Our family was never big on the outdoors but as my children came along I realized we needed to get more active. We started going to parks, hiking and on nature walks. Since we were having such a great time with all our outdoor activities we took an even bigger step as a family and […]

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Surviving Summer

We were all so looking forward to summer, weren’t we, mamas? Long, uninterrupted days of nothing that we had to do! Now a week later, there is nothing to do! Ah are wrecking our homes with your flip flops at the front door and your wet towels on the back deck. Summer, you also […]

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Choosing a Family Vacation Destination

Thinking about getting away? Well, ‘tis the season to start planning and thinking about upcoming summer vacations with your family. Your kids are out of school, you’ve got vacation time to burn and you long for some family bonding time. The question is, where do you go? Many families plan vacations solely for their children, […]

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