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Battling the Gimmies

Children want stuff. Unfortunately, that natural desire is too often overwhelmed by our culture of consumerism. For many families, the mass marketing of everything from video games to new clothes is a constant part of their day. And as children grow and try to find their place in or culture, the idea that they have […]

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Positive Parenting For Real Life

After the lecture did you ever say to yourself, “Wow mom/dad is so right, what was I thinking, I better go and… (clean my room, do my homework….) right away.” I am guessing that most of you reading this did not have the above thought just after having been lectured. So why on earth do […]

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Books to Gift to Children in Different Age Groups (Infographic)

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Source: Nanny’s and Granny’s.

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Remembering to Floss: Five Tips to Help You

Did you know flossing actually extends your life expectancy as well as keeps your mouth clean of bacterial infection? By flossing, you not only prevent gum disease—which has a list of health side effects as well—but you can prevent heart disease too. One sure way to tell if you have a bacterial infection in your […]

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Tips for Treating Bee Stings and Insects Bites

After chilly cold winters, everyone loves to be outdoors when the weather is pleasant and light. Kids love spring and summer as they get to play and have loads of fun outside. But as well as bringing in lot of fun and outdoor activities, summers bring insects and bees too. Bee stings are bound to […]

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Top 4 Locations for Family Holidays

Working out where to go or what to do with your children can be difficult. For some people it is easy, just reminiscing over past holidays, and deciding on a location to take their children, where they have once been. For others though, deciding on a somewhere to take your children can be a tricky […]

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