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Administering Pediatric Safety [Infographic]

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Source: Adams Safety Training

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Emotional Baggage of Children with Divorced Parents

Earthquakes and Tsunamis When two lives are split asunder, especially as in divorce, it could be compared to an earthquake. Unfortunately, if there are any little islands around – perhaps as in children? – they are swept up in the following tsunami. Unfortunately, other than those situations where kids are removed from an abusive parent […]

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Home Remedies for Drug Addiction

There is little that can be more heartbreaking for a parent than having a child addicted to drugs and or alcohol. The recurring cycle of hope and despair, from promises to do better and disappointment when the almost inevitable continuation of the addictive cycle resumes; it is gut wrenching. We all know of the recovery […]

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Kids & Allowance

Many kids expect compensation for the work they do around the house. A weekly allowance was always a part of our Saturdays growing up in my parents home and the more I helped out, the more money I made. Now that I have my own kids, I have learned that there are a few different […]

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Battling the Gimmies

Children want stuff. Unfortunately, that natural desire is too often overwhelmed by our culture of consumerism. For many families, the mass marketing of everything from video games to new clothes is a constant part of their day. And as children grow and try to find their place in or culture, the idea that they have […]

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Positive Parenting For Real Life

After the lecture did you ever say to yourself, “Wow mom/dad is so right, what was I thinking, I better go and… (clean my room, do my homework….) right away.” I am guessing that most of you reading this did not have the above thought just after having been lectured. So why on earth do […]

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