Jackie Ramirez

The Volunteer Wizard of Oz

Volunteering on the Parents Anonymous Family Helpline is a little like being the Wizard of Oz. We always tell people who call the line that we are not trained counselors but that we are there to listen and help as we can with referrals to other resources. Once in a while we can reach down […]

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Peer Pressure and Allowance

Fifteen-year-olds do not turn into crazed consumers overnight but there is hope. Recently a mother was shocked and bewildered when her son demanded she buy him the latest gadget while cursing and swearing at her. She felt hurt and threatened. She is not alone. Unfortunately, many kids feel pressured to obtain merchandise or clothing in […]

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Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Cards and Peer Pressure

Peer pressure or pack mentality can stir up a lot of trouble for a child who would never think of breaking the law, hurting another person’s feelings or destroying property. A child who obeys parents and respects others may be emboldened to go against everything he knows on a simple dare. Eleven-year-old Bobby has been […]

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Support Group Wisdom

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The Parents Anonymous Group was a wealth of information; I wonder how I could ever have managed without it and the members. Here are a few quick tips that I learned in group that helped me many times: Nothing lasts forever. Change is inevitable… except when you have a toddler that throws tantrums and every […]

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Depression and Feeling Better – Part II

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Depression is common among parents from time to time but should not define your life. The Parents Anonymous Group I attended was much like any group in society; almost everyone experiences prolonged sadness sometimes and we were no different. Many of us dealt with complicated or stressful situations heaped on top of the difficult role […]

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Getting Your Needs Met in a Parents Anonymous Group

Having volunteered on the Helpline and been a group member for many years I was often asked how Parents Anonymous works. That is when I then smile and reply, “It is the parents who do the work.” On my way to each meeting I would think of the previous week and make a mental note […]

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