Jackie Ramirez

Parents Anonymous Groups and the White Sneakers

Parents Anonymous welcomes every parent (or someone in a parenting role) to the groups no matter who they are or where they come from. A new member once told our group about another parenting support group she had attended a short time before. She felt as though she had a difficult time getting her needs […]

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Phone Tips to Teach Kids

Is it okay not to answer the phone or to hang up while a person is still talking? The answer is, yes! It is important for parents to teach children how to answer the phone properly and still protect our private information. Knowing which information to give out or keep secret can be tricky for […]

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Anger Uses Time, Energy and Thought

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Shopping for a vehicle when you are in a hurry is risky business. Driving 65 mph in a school zone is tempting fate. Pushing firefighters aside to run into a burning building is just plain folly. Then why would anyone discipline a child when upset, angry or in a hurry? “Anger blows out the lamp […]

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When The Bully is a Parent

By Jackie Saulmon Ramirez | August 16, 2012 People tell me my ‘southern’ comes out when I’m mad but some time back I could’ve spit nails in Walmart over the stupidest thing. We were shopping for back-to-school supplies and passed between the electronics and clothing just in time to see a very large man loudly […]

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Match the Morning to the Child’s Mood

Which description below best describes your mood in the morning? • Bubbly and cheerful • Quiet and easy-going • Happy and laid-back • Rushed and snappy • Moody and somber • Grouchy and crabby • Angry and touchy At one Parents Anonymous meeting, the topic of ‘mornings and kids’ came up. We thought it funny […]

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Depression and Feeling Better – Part I

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Parenting is hard normally but if you are depressed as well then it is much harder than it should be. In my Parents Anonymous Group, depression touched many of our lives from time to time. Many of our members dealt with very difficult, stressful situations that occasionally felt hopeless. In our group we shared our […]

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