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Merchandise Coupons: Some Great Online Sites

Everyday household needs such as toilet paper, paper towels and other basic necessities can be pricey, especially since these items rarely go on sale. The good news, though, is you can find coupons for them online. Here are some great websites that you can check out to get the things you need for a better […]

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Oppositional Defiant Disorder – What It Can Lead To [Infographic]

Thumbnail image for Oppositional Defiant Disorder – What It Can Lead To [Infographic]

Source: Help Your Teen Now.

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How to Improve Your Child’s Nutrition

Many parents want to improve their child’s diet but are not aware of the proper ways to teach childhood nutrition. Some parents in today’s society believe that forcing their child to clean their plate ensures they are receiving healthier food. What most parents don’t think about is the snacks their child may be eating during […]

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When Should I Start My Teen&#39s Allowance?

Money management skills are not an innate gift that is given to all of us. We must learn and be taught these important life lessons by experience. It is during one&#39s teenage years that these principles of money management start being taught with great emphasis because it is during this time that your child should […]

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Childhood Obesity Facts and Stats

Trends in childhood obesity continue to increase every year. And if you think that it is only singling out one gender you’re wrong. The obesity epidemic is affecting both girls and boys and is occurring in all race and ethnic groups in the United States. And one of the worst parts about it is that […]

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Keeping Your Tween’s Talk Positive

Your tween probably has a lot to say, and can talk and talk. They will talk to you, to their friends, etc. They will use the phone, the Internet, texting, email, instant messaging, and more to communicate. Sometimes this communication becomes gossip. What can you do as a parent to help keep your tween’s chatter […]

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