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What to Say to a Daughter with Body Image Issues

I absolutely love this answer from Amy Poehler in response to a letter from a young girl who doesn’t always like her body.

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Positive Ways To Talk To Your Kids and Teens

Yikes! The clock is ticking. I really, really meant to post this earlier, but there’s still time. Don’t miss this great opportunity to become the parent you always imagined you could be. In just a few days, my friend Adina Soclof is offering a parenting class you can join from the comfort of your own […]

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The Surf Net Parents newsletter that went out this morning was supposed to be our pretty new design. Instead everyone got a newsletter full of codes! But hopefully I’ve corrected that now, and another newsletter was sent out. What do you think of our new design?

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Why Blog For Us?

Bloggers write for many different reasons, the primary ones being for fun and self-expression.* But connection with like-minded people, to get feedback from the community, and to participate in a community are also three very strong motivators. Blogging for SurfNetParents offers you a sizable audience, and (for a select few) the opportunity to join our […]

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Hold on! We’re Coming!

Sorry, there isn’t much here now. But soon (very soon!) because I am in the process of adding an exciting cadre of bloggers to Surfnetparents. Are you a writer or a blogger? Do you have something to share with the world? Why not submit a guest blog post? You can write about any aspect of […]

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