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Oh No! Summer’s Almost Over; Get Ready for A New Academic Year

July 7, 2010

When Summer is almost over, and the school year is about to start back up again, it can be intimidating as a parent to know how to get ready for the upcoming academic year. The following are some tips for how to get ready for a new academic year: Required school supplies. First and foremost […]

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Stress Relieving Tips for Finals

June 30, 2010

Finals and stress tend to go hand in hand, and it is no wonder why. You are asked to recall copious amounts of information that was covered over the last several months. You are in a high pressure situation, and your grade often depends on the final. So, with the importance of the test in […]

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Need to Know: Stress Relief for Finals

June 29, 2010

Finals time is a stressful time, as much of your grade rests on a final. Finals can be annoying because they require that you recall information in large amounts, and material you may not have covered in several months. However, with the right steps, final’s stress can be reduced, and your performance can improve. Here […]

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Stress Relieving Tips for Finals Week

June 28, 2010

Stress at finals time is inevitable, but it is also really bad for you. If you are feeling stressed, your recall diminishes, your body gets sick or burdened, and your confidence in your ability to perform well on tests declines. This is all very negative especially when finals matter so much. Thus, it is important […]

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Why Kids Lie about Homework (and How to Handle It)

February 3, 2010

When you were young did you lie about homework? I certainly did. I’m not always sure why I lied to my parents about homework, but thinking back after all of these years it occurs to me that one reason for doing so was that it seemed like a huge amount of work. There were so […]

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Do Kids Need Homework?

May 7, 2009

With the argument about homework overload floating around more and more parents are starting to question if kids actually need homework. Experts feel that homework is the best thing for your child to use to review the concepts that they learned in school that day. However, with all of the talk about homework overload it […]

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