Recreating Intimacy

My husband and I recently realized that we didn’t like each other as much as we wanted to. We were often arguing. He’d come into the room and I’d feel tension in my shoulders. The kids would fuss, he’d respond and I’d disagree. It got to the point where I wanted to walk out of […]

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Avoiding Divorce: Great Tips for Saving a Marriage on The Brink

There has perhaps never been a more difficult climate for marriage than today’s climate. With the pressures of jobs, careers, families and finances couples find themselves under increasing demands. The stress of these demands often finds couples internalizing problems that can occur in a marriage and leads to the decision that divorce is the only […]

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Support Group Wisdom

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The Parents Anonymous Group was a wealth of information; I wonder how I could ever have managed without it and the members. Here are a few quick tips that I learned in group that helped me many times: Nothing lasts forever. Change is inevitable… except when you have a toddler that throws tantrums and every […]

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How to Deal with Sibling Rivalries

Introduction At some point everyone has an argument with their sibling. Sometimes these rivalries are tame and other times they can be quite serious. If you are a parent of more than one child chances are that you have witnessed a rivalry of some kind first hand. In fact, you are probably looking to find […]

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Playdates and Snacks

Providing snacks at playdates today has become somewhat trickier than it use to be. Some parents are alright with others providing snacks, others want to bring their own snacks, and then there are parents that have children who seem to be allergic to more than one type of snack. So what is playdate etiquette when […]

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4 Home Grown Humility Lessons

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“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” –C.S. Lewis Humility has been playing a major role in my life this year. Humility is lowly and meek on the outside but courteous and respectful throughout. Humility puts others first. Maybe I’m more aware of courtesy and respect or the […]

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