Mobile Apps and Websites That Can Teach Your Kids About Saving

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Prices of goods increase all the time, which can weaken our purchasing power as parents. It is extremely important that we teach our children one essential habit: to set aside money for savings even at an early age. I’ve often asked myself what would be the best way how, and considering that saving isn’t exactly […]

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Is Your Smartphone Safe for Your Children

As a parent, you take many precautions to protect your children. You baby proof the house, you put up safety gates, you give them swimming lessons, and you teach them about stranger danger. You even activate parental locks on your TV and game consoles. But one precaution many parents fail to take is to make […]

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Need to Know: Social Mapping and Your Child on the Internet

What is social mapping? Social mapping is a process where information about online use is used to create a map of historic usage, as well as a predictor of future digital usage for a person. It is basically a way of creating a digital fingerprint for a person. It is a collection of data about […]

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Smart Phone Apps for Smarter Shopping

There are a number of shopping phone applications to help you get the best deals, find the best providers, discover if things are in stock, compare, and manage your money so that your shopping can be easier. Here are a few of the better shopping phone apps: 1. ShopSavvy: This phone application helps you feel […]

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Shopping Phone Apps

One of the beautiful things about smart phones is that they can make life easier, and help you save money if you have the right applications and put the app to use. The following are some great shopping phone apps to help you find the best products, best deals, and manage your money better: Coupon […]

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Need to Have: iPhone Apps You Just Gotta Have

It’s no question that the iPhone has completely transformed the way people use their cellular devices. With the iPhone, you almost don’t even need to log onto your PC anymore because you can get all the same features at your fingertips. The iPhone comes with access to thousands of apps, many of which are free. […]

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