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Parents Anonymous’ Bonus Effect

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“Parents Anonymous is the greatest thing since sliced bread,” I’d say, and the next question is, “If it works so well, then why did you attend for so long?” The answer to that was easy: “Little kids have little problems, bigger kids have bigger problems; No single parenting solution solves all the problems parents encounter.” […]

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Fall is for Apple Picking

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Fall is my favorite time of year. And of all the things I love most about fall—pumpkins, pumpkin carving, visiting farm stands and corn mazes, re-watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!—apple picking will forever remain at the top of my list. Most farms that offer apple picking tend to offer the other sweet stuff, […]

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Stroking: What It Is and How It Works

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“Stroking” is something that one of our Parents Anonymous facilitator mentioned often to members. It is such a simple thing, really, but something we may not think of too often. Stroking is a powerful tool that can potentially turn around moods and attitudes between people and does not require touching in spite of the label. […]

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Easy Parenting Part III – The Don’ts List

Here are a few don’ts that found their way onto my easy parenting list; some came from the Freehold Parents Anonymous Group members and one came from Chelsey – who felt we were too strict (A sure sign of good parenting!). Don’t Correct Children in Front of Others Correcting children is a parent’s duty but […]

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Easy Parenting Part II

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From the outside looking inward, couples never imagine how time-intensive parenting will be until they are swamped in diapers, homework and play dates. Children consume a great deal of effort, energy and attention as they grow but it does get better. The more care and training invested in the first few years, the easier it […]

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Easy Parenting Part I

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Honestly, some of those parenting methods need a PhD to explain how it is supposed to work! A new member to the Parents Anonymous Online Groups once asked me to give her a list of Dos and DON’Ts so she could learn all there was to know about being a good parent. *sigh* She was […]

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