Kids and Money

When Should I Start My Teen&#39s Allowance?

Money management skills are not an innate gift that is given to all of us. We must learn and be taught these important life lessons by experience. It is during one&#39s teenage years that these principles of money management start being taught with great emphasis because it is during this time that your child should […]

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Need to Know: Allowances and Teens

When it comes to teens and their allowances parents know that they must tread softly. To teens, the ability to buy what is fashionable, fun and entertaining is almost defining to their personality &#40or at least what they want to project as their personality&#41. Teenage years are definitely challenging as teens are often faced with […]

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How Will This Kid Ever Make It In The Real World?

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In our Parents Anonymous Group we parents often wondered aloud how our children would ever survive in the real world: Will they be able to manage money? Will they learn to cook and clean their house? Will they manage to hold down a job? Will they get along well with others? Will they be able […]

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Mobile Apps and Websites That Can Teach Your Kids About Saving

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Prices of goods increase all the time, which can weaken our purchasing power as parents. It is extremely important that we teach our children one essential habit: to set aside money for savings even at an early age. I’ve often asked myself what would be the best way how, and considering that saving isn’t exactly […]

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Peer Pressure and Allowance

Fifteen-year-olds do not turn into crazed consumers overnight but there is hope. Recently a mother was shocked and bewildered when her son demanded she buy him the latest gadget while cursing and swearing at her. She felt hurt and threatened. She is not alone. Unfortunately, many kids feel pressured to obtain merchandise or clothing in […]

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Tips For Teaching Kids To Budget

Teaching children the value of money is something that most parents deem as important, but what are the best ways to do it? In the world we live in, it can be a constant struggle to teach your children the value of money, and make them aware of the fact that cash doesn’t grow on […]

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