Budgeting and Saving

More Freezing Dos and Don’ts to Make the Most of Your Food

When freezing foods, there is a right way and a wrong way to help foods last, still taste good, and not have freezer burn, etc. The following is a look at the freezing do’s and don’ts: Do’s:Choose the right containers: The containers you freezer your foods in make a big difference in how well they […]

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The Perfect Haircut: At Home!

In order to get the perfect haircut at home there are a few tips that ought to be followed. Consider the following: 1. The person whose hair is being cut must hold still. Because the person cutting hair at home is not as experienced as someone with a license in cosmetology, it is important that […]

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The Single Paycheck Household: Great Suggestions to Make It Easy

To make the transition from being a two paycheck household to a single paycheck household easier, begin by planning ahead, if you’ve been given advanced notice of your layoff or if the downshift is caused by a personal choice, a pregnancy, for example. Living on one paycheck can be very easy and relatively painless for […]

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Merchandise Coupons: Some Great Online Sites

Everyday household needs such as toilet paper, paper towels and other basic necessities can be pricey, especially since these items rarely go on sale. The good news, though, is you can find coupons for them online. Here are some great websites that you can check out to get the things you need for a better […]

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The Diary Of An Inspired Mum

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I have had a weekend off this weekend, and I was sorting out my desk on Saturday morning and came across an old journal from nearly four years ago … I cannot share it with you in full detail as a lot of it is personal …and probably pretty boring too, but some of the […]

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Peer Pressure and Allowance

Fifteen-year-olds do not turn into crazed consumers overnight but there is hope. Recently a mother was shocked and bewildered when her son demanded she buy him the latest gadget while cursing and swearing at her. She felt hurt and threatened. She is not alone. Unfortunately, many kids feel pressured to obtain merchandise or clothing in […]

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