Your Baby’s Sleep Problems

One of the most difficult problems for parents of a new baby is trying to get their baby to sleep through the night. This can be a huge challenge as new parents must combat the effects of sleep deprivation while still trying to maintain their normal lives. This is a problem that can sometimes luckily […]

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How to Avoid Common Teen Health Issues

Teenagers are faced with many challenges today; perhaps more so than when parents were teenagers. On the same note, parents are faced with the challenge of raising their teens in a peer pressured world. With so many health issues at hand there are definitely some valid parental concerns when it comes to raising a teenager. […]

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Ways to Make Life Easier for the New Mom

Being a new mom is exciting and overwhelming. When you come home from the hospital, you are so happy to have this adorable baby, but you are also recovering from giving birth, and facing the challenge of sleep deprivation. The following are ten tips to help make life a little easier for you. 1. Shop […]

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Dos and Don’ts of Using Social Media to Connect with Your Kids

Joshua John currently works in community relations for the University of Southern California’s Virtual Master of Social Work program, which provides social workers the opportunity to earn an “online social work degree” and apply for a “social work license”. He also loves gadgets, movies, and all things Batman. Dos and Don’ts of Using Social Media […]

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Depression and Feeling Better – Part II

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Depression is common among parents from time to time but should not define your life. The Parents Anonymous Group I attended was much like any group in society; almost everyone experiences prolonged sadness sometimes and we were no different. Many of us dealt with complicated or stressful situations heaped on top of the difficult role […]

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Help Your Child Eat Good Food Even When You’re Not There

Good nutrition is becoming more and more difficult to do as individuals try to keep up with such a fast paced world. There’s hardly time for anyone to cook a good healthy dinner, let alone sit down and eat it. So imagine what it’s like to be a young child? As they become accustomed to […]

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