Kids and Cameras

Social Media – Top Venue for Cyberbullying

May 9, 2013

From Facebook, to Twitter, to Foursquare, social media sites are everywhere and full of virtual land mines for our teens. They can quickly become a victim of cyber bullying. Anything they say can and may be used against them by a bully at school, a college admissions counselor or a future boss. There are numerous […]

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Setting Parental Controls on the Nintendo DSi: A Brief How To

April 6, 2010

The Nintendo DSi is a hand held video game system that allows kids to surf the Web, download games and communicate with other DSi users. It’s similar to a computer, as it gives users internet access. Computer experts recommend that parents allow their children the same access to the internet on their DSi that they […]

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What Every Parent Needs to Know About Sexting

June 10, 2009

Perhaps when you were in school, kids passed flirtatious or even racy notes to people they liked. Sometimes those notes got dropped on the floor or confiscated by the teacher and, before long, everyone was gossiping between classes about what was supposed to be a private message. Now add a cell phone with a camera […]

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Eight Tips for Taking Pictures of Pets

November 25, 2008

Pets are a large part of a child’s life. If you have a child that enjoys taking pictures, you have probably noticed they take numerous pictures of their pets. As the parent of a budding photographer, you should teach them that they are the storyteller. Taking pictures is a great way to practice mood and […]

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Nine Digital Photo Basics for Kids

November 24, 2008

When most children get a hold of a camera, they begin to do one thing, point and shoot. Far too often children take too many pictures of nothing. Back in the day when digital photography didn’t exist, a child could cost their parents a fortune in film and processing. If you have purchased your child […]

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Photography Tips for Kids

November 23, 2008

Most children are naturally drawn to cameras. It is fun for a child to pick up a simple box, press a button, and freeze a moment in time. Of course most kids tend to take too many pictures of the same thing. Some kids have trouble getting their desired subject in the photograph and wind […]

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