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How To Keep The “Thanks” And The “Giving” In Thanksgiving This Holiday Season

I got home a little after 7 pm this Halloween. I’m usually home later than that thanks to my 2 hour commute. But that day I rushed to get home so that my 8 year-old’s Halloween wouldn’t be ruined by the unexpected snow storm that had led to school (and in some places Trick Or […]

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The Name Game: 5 Things I’ve Learned About Wearing My Mommy Crown As An ‘MTA’

When I first got married and became a second mom to two wonderful kids, I was often asked by my friends, “So what do the kids call you?” I used to wish I could answer back “They call me Mom” or, in Sidney Poitier style, “They call me Mrs. Tillman.” But alas, the short answer […]

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4 Things Poker Has Taught Me About Parenting

I’m not a poker player by the stretch of anyone’s imagination, least of all my husband, who is a genuine enthusiast. But ever since I officially became a parent two years ago, I’ve become quite a student of the game. And, for anyone who is a parent or seriously thinking of becoming one the old […]

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