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Drug addiction and teens

Drug addiction and teens is a very serious issue. There are multiple drugs that teens abuse, and one of the most dangerous ones is heroin. Heroin is an opiate that is created from morphine. Morphine naturally occurs in the poppy plant from Asia. Opiates are known to be very powerful pain relievers and sedatives. A lot of opiates are used today by doctors to treat and control pain.

However, heroin is not used by doctors and is used by teens everywhere recreationally. Heroin is usually a white powder but can also come in a black sticky form that is known as “Tar”.

There are many ways to use heroin – it can be smoked or snorted, but most commonly teens will mix the heroin with water and inject it with a needle into their veins.

Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Abuse in Teens

– Neglecting Responsibilities – Teens will often neglect their responsibilities at home and put off chores

– No Personal Hygiene – They will no longer care about their appearance or their personal hygiene

– Skipping School- teens will often skip school to use drugs and get high

– Need for Money – will be in constant need for more money in order to buy more drugs for their addiction

– Secretive Behavior- they will hide everything and be very secretive.

– Legal Problems- may be caught by law enforcement and get into legal trouble with drugs

– Change in Friends- May have different friends who also act with these behaviors and who obviously use drugs as well

– Change in Hobbies- they may no longer do the things they used to love to do .

Physical Symptoms:

– Falling Asleep- Teens who use heroin may have decreased energy and fall asleep or nod off in the middle of talking to someone.

– Slow Breathing- heroin slows the breathing and heart rate of those who use it.

– Dry Mouth

– Changes in Eating- teens may not have an appetite to eat while using heroin.

– Weight Loss- teens can lose a lot for weight while on heroin because they lose their appetite and do not need to eat.

– Track Marks- teens who are injecting the drug in their veins will have track marks from needles on their arms where they have injected the needle.

– Runny Nose

– Itchiness

– Nausea

– Slurred Speech

– Tremors

– Drug Paraphernalia – teens may leave different drug paraphernalia around the house such as pipes or needles.

If you suspect that your teen is using heroin it is extremely important to seek out professional medical help for them immediately. Teens who use heroin may become angry or lash out at those who try to help them.

Treatment for teens who abuse heroin

The most effective treatment for teens who abuse heroin in counseling and drugs to help with the withdrawal from the opioids. Drug addiction in teens is very dangerous and can lead to overdose, legal problems and even death.

There are many rehabilitation clinics all over the world that will help teens withdraw from the drugs they are taking and learn how to manage their life more effectively without drugs.

Heroin is a very addictive and dangerous drug, and if your teen is using heroin it is best to seek out professional help and get them professionally treated.

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