Kids and Cellphones

How to be an NSA-style Parent: Watch your Kids’ Online Activities

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While there’s been endless debate over how the NSA spies secretly on Americans, at the same time many – specifically parents – have taken to spying, NSA-style. It’s no secret that kids these days are Internet-surfing nuts: they spend the majority of their time in social networking forums. So if you’re a worried mom or […]

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The Parental Control Dilemma: Visible vs. Stealth Software

Being a parent is never easy, but with the advent of Internet, the job has become even tougher. Now, parents do not only have to worry about keeping their kids safe in the real world, but they also have to worry about their safety in the vast virtual world, which has exposed the newer generation […]

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How serious is Cyberbullying?

The internet might give you super fast access to the world’s information with just a few clicks but it is also home to various scammers and spammers. As if digital felons trying to steal your credit card information or tricking you into buying a useless product was not enough; the information superhighway, in recent years, […]

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Why Parents Should Monitor their Teen’s Texting Habits

2012 has seen the rise of smartphones amongst users, most of whom were teenagers. According to a report by Nielsen, figures bound up by a whole 22% for smartphone usage for this age group with 58% of teenagers in the US found to own smartphones in 2012 compared to a 36% in the previous year. […]

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Social Media – Top Venue for Cyberbullying

From Facebook, to Twitter, to Foursquare, social media sites are everywhere and full of virtual land mines for our teens. They can quickly become a victim of cyber bullying. Anything they say can and may be used against them by a bully at school, a college admissions counselor or a future boss. There are numerous […]

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Is Your Smartphone Safe for Your Children

As a parent, you take many precautions to protect your children. You baby proof the house, you put up safety gates, you give them swimming lessons, and you teach them about stranger danger. You even activate parental locks on your TV and game consoles. But one precaution many parents fail to take is to make […]

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