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Coupons are a great way to save money and they’re not just found in your Sunday paper anymore! Grocery coupons are available all the time online for free or nearly free. Let’s look at some great resources for online grocery coupons.

Grocery coupons are everywhere. Type in “grocery coupons” in a search engine and you’ll get back hundreds of websites offering them for free or for a small handling fee. There are several online companies whose business is mailing you the coupons that you’ve picked out, which can save you a lot of time and money.

Here are some websites that are really great for finding grocery coupons.

Wow-coupons.com/grocery.php is a great site for free, printable coupons and free samples. Their main page also features retail coupons as well as various rebates and travel deals.

Thecouponclippers.com is another great site for coupons, sorted by type. This site also features blogs and forums. You sign up, pick which coupons you want and they mail them to you for a small shipping and handling fee. You can get multiples of the same coupon or just one if the product is in high demand or you only need one of the item. They also have a feature where you can enter your zip code, check off the stores in the area that you go to and it spits out a list of sales and the store where the item is on sale.

Thegrocerygame.com is another website where you pay a little bit of money, and you get coupons. They have a reward system where you can earn free weeks, where you don’t have to pay for the coupons. This site is more than just a coupon venue, mind you. The nominal fee you pay for membership on this site includes trend watching and lists of specials for stores in your area, for the things you buy, saving you time and money you’d otherwise spend perusing the ads, clipping coupons and so on.

If you don’t find what you are looking for or can’t remember the website you liked best, just do a search for grocery coupons. You will get pages of websites back and you can even be more specific and look for certain types or certain brands in your search. Companies want to give out coupons to promote their product. Remember to only get coupons for items you use already otherwise you’re defeating the money-saving purpose of coupons.

Even if you aren’t really a coupon person, take a look at some of these websites as they feature some great bargains and ideas. Not only will you save hundreds on your groceries using coupons you found online, you’ll have money to pay down bills, buy extras of things you need or maybe a little something you want, as a small reward. Spending 30 minutes online to get coupons will be well worth the time and effort because you are saving money. Clip some coupons the next time you are online!

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