A Healing Sense of Humor


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Kids are just great. While they are certainly kind of mischievous, kids can have such a great sense of humor. They love to laugh and play more than adults. They seem to be able to see the funny side of life while the rest of us are crying. Perhaps you have had a child come to you when you were down and put their little hand on your shoulder. They see things that we simply do not see. They laugh at things that we would never laugh at. When you become an adult you don’t lose your sense of humor, but often it becomes dull with all the cares of the world. Imagine returning to the childlike state when you didn’t have so many responsibilities. Wouldn’t that be great? But do all children have this kind of vision of life? Do they all have a perfect sense of humor? Perhaps you have met a child that seems sad or distracted. Often the things that bother adults can really bother a child. Worry and fear, anger and hatred, these are things that stick with a little child. Some of us have experiences that affect our sense of humor. Something terrible happens and we simply cannot get over it. Most adults will eventually forget a traumatic event, but a child often does not. If your child has been through this type of event, or if they simply do not seem to have much of a sense of humor, there might be some things you can do to change the situation.

Humor can take the sting out of life's trials.Humor can take the sting out of life’s trials.

The first thing to recognize is that some people simply do not have the same sort of sense of humor that others have. We all have friends who seem to be able to laugh all the time. We also have friends who hardly ever crack a smile. Most of us realistically fall somewhere in between. We are not always laughing, but we are clearly not always crying. Remember that this means that your child might not be one of those bubbly people. They might be more serious than other children. Don’t feel disappointed if your child is less funny than other people’s children. This can just be a matter of personality.

So even if your child has a somber personality, what can you do to encourage their sense of humor? Everyone has a different sense of humor. First try to find out what does make your child laugh. They might be more physical than verbal. They might like crazy situations or knock-knock jokes. You can find a huge collection of Knock Knocks at Jokes By Kids. Once you have found what makes your child laugh, expose them to this material. The more time they spend enjoying it the better their sense of humor.

Find out if there is some concern or worry that your child has. Many children will naturally laugh at most things, but if there is some big fear in their lives they won’t. Like adults they get scared or feel abandoned. A child needs a healthy and safe environment if they are going to laugh.

Finally, make sure that you let your child spend plenty of time with friends. Your child’s friends will invariably help their sense of humor to come out. If you can’t then they probably can. The more time spent with friends the easier it will probably be.
Remember that a child is not a puzzle. Treat your children like human beings and don’t expect them to laugh all the time. Following these few basic steps will invariably lead to your child having a better sense of humor.

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