Tips for Parenting Boys During Puberty

by on August 5, 2008

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There may be just a few tips for parenting boys during puberty. As any parent who has raised a boy during puberty knows, you can use all the tips you can get. Raising boys during puberty can be challenging at the best of times but it can become even harder once your little boy starts puberty. Even the best of parents with the best of kids will have those very trying times. All parents will need some tips for parenting boys during puberty to take into consideration during those very trying times.

Puberty for boys is full of so many different changes and can also be very awkward for your son. Boys who are going through puberty will go through a growth spurt which can cause clumsiness. When your son has hit puberty his shoulders will widen, his muscles will begin to develop, and he will begin gaining weight. During puberty your son’s voice will also begin to change with cracking at the beginning while the voice becomes deeper. The growth of hair will begin all over their bodies including arms, under arms, legs, and faces. The hair will often come in patches and can look awkward making your son feel self-conscious. Puberty is a great time of change for both boys and girls. Here are some good tips for parenting boys during puberty.

The first tip for parenting boys during puberty would be to try and understand that they may have some confusion about the maturation process. There are many visible changes going on with their body that they may not be able to understand. They are not even able to control any of those visible changes that are going on with their body. This can be very hard for boys to understand and accept. The more you try to understand their feelings the better it could be for all parties involved.

Another good tip for parenting boys during puberty is to understand that their emotions can be ruled by the new hormones circulating through their bodies. At the start of puberty boys begin making the hormone called testosterone. This hormone can create aggressive behavior which causes much of the turmoil you may experience with your son. Sometimes they are not even aware of those aggressive behaviors and when displayed may become embarrassed by them. Letting your son know what to do about those emotions can really help in parenting them through puberty.

Talking to your son about the changes they experience during puberty is also a good tip for parenting boys during puberty. Your son needs to hear from you what to expect during puberty. This can help your son be less anxious about many of the changes going on with their bodies. Your son will need to have someone they can go to for information or to ask questions about some of the changes. They may also just need someone to help guide them during those times that they are unsure what to do.

Sharing information with your son during puberty is also a good tip for parenting boys during puberty. There are plenty of books available to buy for your son to read or look through for information to help them understand many of the changes that puberty brings for them. The more information your son has on puberty and its many changes, the easier it should be to handle. Letting your son know that everyone goes through puberty and has these changes happen to them will help them to feel a little less awkward and maybe understand those changes just a little more.

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