A Comparison of Parenting Styles

by on March 6, 2008

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When choosing a parenting style, there are a lot of things to consider. They may all seem to be a good idea, there may be a couple that would work for your child, there may be one that you think would have the best futuristic outcome.

Looking over the parenting styles and making a comparison will help you see what is best for you and your child. Remember while you are looking at styles that they will be affected by your child, your situation, your and your spouse’s personalities, and many other things.

We will start with authoritarian parenting. Parents use high levels of discipline. Children are expected to blindly obey their parents and there are no rewards for good behavior. Parents are not very nurturing to their children and they are unsympathetic. With this parenting children tend to have poorly developed skills. Children are likely to have low self-esteem and lack confidence. Depression and obesity are common among this parenting style.

Another parenting style to look at is permissive or indulgent parenting. Children are given their freedom to choose and decide for themselves. They are not given much, if any, discipline or rules. Their parents are very loving and nurturing. Children with this parenting style tend to have more behavioral problems. Common traits among these children are uncaring, spoiled, immature, and selfish. Children may also learn to take advantage of adults in their lives. This parenting style is especially good for withdrawn or reserved children who need to come out of their shell.

The parenting style that seems to have the most benefits is the authoritative. Children and parents work together on rules and discipline. Children are given the chance to make choices and develop decision making skills. Parents show authority and love, their children know where they stand. With this parenting style children develop confidence and independence. They are usually more cooperative with adults and are more socially competent. Children are given standards by their parents and are usually high achievers. The obesity level is very low in this parenting style.

The last parenting style to examine is uninvolved. Parents take no responsibility for their children and they are not demanding. They are not responsive to their children and they set no rules. Children are on their own and often feel alone. Children parented with this style tend to perform poorly in their lives. They often feel neglected and become rebellious to other adults. Parents show no love or discipline.

Each of the parenting styles comes with pros and cons to be considered. Experts have said on numerous occasions that authoritative parenting has the highest success level in parenting. Kids are given a good balance to go out on their own.

The results found here are from many studies over many years and in many countries. They are the common results but they are not the guaranteed results. Your individual situation will determine the results you get from your parenting style.

When parents sit down and decide on a parenting style they will find things they like and don’t like about all of them. You don’t have to be set in one category and stay there. Use these guidelines to creating the parenting style that will work the very best for you and your child.

Don’t forget to look at the small pieces of the puzzle and the over all picture. You will be able to make the best decision for now and for your child’s future. Each time you add a child to your family it will be time to go over your parenting and see where you need to adjust.

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