4 Effective Tips for an Engaging Family Gaming Experience

by on September 23, 2013

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Based on a GameTheoryOnline.com study, parents who spend more time with their children by playing games create stronger family ties. It reveals that it improves emotional well-being and, at times, encourage the family to stay physically fit. If you are thinking of implementing “Project Family Playtime” in your household, here are some effective advices to make this all a success.

Courtesy-of-Moodboard1. Go game shopping with your children

Shopping for game activities with your kids allow you to choose the right labels for them.

According to an ArsTechnica article, it’s best to find items that encourage the value you want to instill to your little ones. Virtual sports, for example, can help them be interested with physical outdoor activities.

The skill set of an activity is not enough to determine whether it’s appropriate for them, it’s best to understand how it’s being played for an effective gaming experience. Based on Verizon Wireless news center, watching tutorials online via social media networks is an efficient way to know a game better. If you get those great moves rolling by the time you’re playing, you can be sure that they’ll consider you the coolest parents in the world.

2. Set time limits

Having limitations at an early age, teaches them the art of proper time management and discipline. There are moments when they will throw tantrums out of frustrations of not finishing a certain stage. Don’t give in to their angry fits and just unplug the console if you have to. However, don’t forget to hit the “save” button before you do so in order not to lose any points or rewards. When their console gaming time is up, suggest other activities like arts and crafts projects or reading a book so that they can vent out their energy to other worthwhile things.

3. Be careful when playing online

The online universe is a dangerous battle field for young ones to play. They will get to encounter people who have negative comments to say, which will not be good for their psychological well-being. As much as possible, never let children 12 years and below play online alone. Guide them while they’re on it, so you can easily explain to them everything that is happening in front of them.

While exploring the world of online games, make sure that you add them as friends and team up with them. This is advantageous because you get to monitor their actions. Check for chat room filters or mute options. If there are any cyber bullies around, take the initiative and report them to the game masters immediately. Make sure to have discussions about proper etiquette online and offline.

4. Discuss the particulars

An engaging family gaming experience doesn’t end when you unplug the console. Even when playtime’s over, kids continue to explore the idea of the game with their heads by creating possible characters or scenarios. Use this to your advantage and create activities for them like drawing and creating alternate storylines for the characters. Discuss what they have learned from finishing a particular level and teach them to apply these in real-life situations. This enhances their imagination as well as retain the values of what they played.

Playing video games with your kids is a fun way to bond with them and also earn their respect. By joining them, we get to keep up with our tech-savvy kids making it easier for us to monitor and teach them the proper ways of using these devices. What games do you usually play with your kids? Share us your experiences below and inspire more parents to be techie-friendly.

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