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There is little that can be more heartbreaking for a parent than having a child addicted to drugs and or alcohol. The recurring cycle of hope and despair, from promises to do better and disappointment when the almost inevitable continuation of the addictive cycle resumes; it is gut wrenching. We all know of the recovery programs available and many parents have used them repeatedly for their child only to be further discouraged as the relapses occur. Many established recovery programs are generally 12 steps based, but there is mounting evidence that not everyone responds to 12 steps only based treatments, that’s maybe 12 step principles combined with herbal detoxification and restorative natural chemical balance to our bodies is more effective when combined with the possibility of temporary environment change like drug addiction boarding schools.

The awareness of herbal remedies for disease is rising. Herbs are essential for restoring phyto-chemical balance along with strengthening and relaxing the nervous system, herbs enhance an overall state of well-being which is fundamental to recovery from addictions. Since all drugs and alcohol pass through the liver for conversion, the body organ besides the brain most in need of healing and restoration is the liver. Herbs like milk thistle, golden seal, dandelion and blupleurem are potent for detoxing. Milk thistle can be used to treat cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis. It is protective of the liver from environmental and internalized toxins. Golden seal is a natural antibiotic, along with being a blood and liver detoxifier, although long term usage is not advised. Dandelion is a liver restorer and diuretic and enables the liver to better use available nutrients. Blupleurem is a Chinese herb that is also a potent liver restorer that comes in several varieties.

Herbs that enhance well-being and restoration of the nervous system are also highly advised. Skullcap is renowned for easing withdrawal symptoms during the first 72 hours. Valerian root is used for nervous disorders, sleep disorders and to ease cocaine craving. Passion flower is often used in conjunction with valerian root to relieve tension and the curing of insomnia. Ginkgo aids in cellular glucose uptake and is an awesome scavenger of cell damaging free radicals, circulation enhancer and short term memory restorer. Other herbs used for enhancement of general well-being and immune system function are ginseng, astragalus and chamomile.

Some addictions are so acute that recovery programs and nutrient/herbal remedies are not adequate to change a behavior that may be deeply rooted psychologically. Often in this circumstance an interim change of environment is needed. A change in environment gives the parent and child reflective time, a respite from the factors that trigger toxicity. Drug addiction boarding schools may offer the breathing space required for healing.

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