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by on April 16, 2013

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Joining a gym for the first time can be intimidating, but it can be especially intimidating when you have never lifted a dumbbell before. It looks so simple when you see someone in front of the mirror moving a weight up and down, but in reality each movement an experienced gym-goer makes is planned out and crafted for not only efficiency, but safety. Just as when operating any kind of dangerous device for the first time, it’s smart to get a bit of training for the protection of yourself and others! Even though it may seem that working with a personal trainer is only for athletes, celebrities, and those with serious beach body goals, even someone simply looking to put a little spring in their step can benefit a great deal from personal training.


Would you feel safe driving a forklift without any research or advice? Probably not. Trying to operate dangerous machinery without the proper training and information can result in injury and hazard. The process of getting back into a fitness routine can already be painful enough with general muscle soreness, but when an actual injury drags you down it can mean the end of a good run. Instead of wasting all that ambition working with a trainer even if just for a month can protect your muscles, joints and ligaments by practicing correct technique.

Technology & Efficiency

If you haven’t picked up so much as a jump rope since high school, it’s a safe bet that technology has improved the fitness scene since your heyday. There are all sorts of cardio machines, weight machines, and new and constantly improving styles of fitness and aerobics that can expedite the rate of your results. Whereas old fashioned aerobic exercise might get you the results you want in 6 months, with the right blend of lifestyle and technology you can get to your goals twice as quickly. Take, for example, vibrating power plate machines found in many gyms today. When performing simple exercises on the vibrating platform it takes only 10 reps to replicate the work of up to 50 natural reps!

Free Advice

Exercise goes hand in hand with diet. If you’re looking for free advice on diet and nutrition it’s a safe bet your trainer is a wealth of information. Granted you do have to pay a personal trainer a bit more than the regular gym membership, but you’re getting lots of extra advice along the way.


Have you ever given up on a good run of ambition because you just weren’t seeing results? Even if you run many kilometers per day, without knowing how to vary the speed and duration of your run and cross-train with weights or other aerobic activities it is nearly impossible to see a change in muscle tone and definition. Some activities are good for weight loss, some for definition, some for endurance- so getting some advice on which suits you best is really the best way to enjoy and get results from your exercise regime!

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