Traditional Outdoor Games for Adults

by on March 9, 2011

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The following are a few of the outdoor games for adults:

Ladder Ball: this is a game where you throw a thing that has two balls on either end of a rope, toward a ladder. The rung you get it on will determine the amount of points you get. If you miss the rungs, you will get no points. You get three throws each round, and you play until someone reaches 21 points. You can buy a premade ladder ball game, or you can make your own using PVC pipes, ropes, and tennis balls.

Horseshoes: most adults love outdoor games like horseshoes. You can purchase a premade horseshoe game that you install in a pit, or you can make your own. If you purchase a horseshoe game, you get pre-weighted horseshoes, and regulation instructions, etc.

Bocci: This is a French game where you throw a little white ball, which is the bocci, and then you have larger balls that you toss and try to get them as close to the bocci as possible. Each player gets a few tries, and the one whose ball is the closest gets 3 points, next 2, and next 1. You play to whatever point limit you set for the game. It is a really fun game that can be played on any grass surface.

Croquet: Croquet is a lawn game that many adults love to play. It generally requires the purchase of a croquet set. It is good to try and set it up in on a level surface, as it will help the balls roll truer.

Hopscotch: Who said adults can’t enjoy a good old-fashioned game of hopscotch? If you have some chalk and a space with cement, etc. you can create a hopscotch route. Pick a pebble, and toss it on the hopscotch board, and then get to it. As adults, you can mix it up, and add some spice and fun to your game.

Shuffle board: This is a great outdoor game for adults. It requires a shuffleboard board, pucks, and a shuffleboard cue. It is a really fun game. You push the puck with the cue, and get points if it lands in certain areas. If it is on the line, points are not awarded.

Freeze tag: This is a fun outdoor game for adults. It requires a group of people. You run around, and one person is it, and they have to tag people. When that person is tagged they have to freeze. The only way to be unfrozen is if another player tags them back in. If the person who is “it” tags everyone, they win.

Volleyball, baseball, basketball, Frisbee and other basic outdoor games that most everyone is familiar with are great outdoor games for adults. Most outdoor games take a group of people. However, games like Frisbee only take two people to play, but can be more fun when you make a whole group in the play.

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