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Flying with babies, toddlers, and young children is seen as an enormous challenge by many. There are plenty of families who avoid air travel altogether when their kids are small. But an airplane journey doesn’t have to be torture for the whole family, and everyone else on board. As an international family, air travel is an integral part of our lives, rather than something optional. We have faced a tricky situation or two, but on the whole flying with two young kids has been a joy. How can you have a painless plane trip with your children, too?

I can honestly say that flying while pregnant was more difficult for me than flying with young kids. But when I was dealing with pregnancy nausea and vomiting, I did learn one crucial lesson to make flying with kids a lot less embarrassing and uncomfortable, whether your child happens to be inside your belly or outside.

Take a change of clothes. Or two. You never know who will throw up, spill drinks, or have potty accidents.

Fly during the week, when you know the plane will not be full. It will be easier for your kids to explore the plane during the flight, go to the bathroom, make noise, or pick the seat of their choice.

Get your kids some new, fun toys to unwrap during the flight. Pencils, crayons and coloring books work well for us. This is the most effective if you wrap the gifts up several times. While they open their toys and play with them, a lot of time will pass.

Buy a seat for your baby. When your child is younger than two, they can sit in your lap. But having their own seat makes the flight much easier, whether you end up using the seat for your child or your belongings. It is also safer, especially during turbulence. Your child will also be able to use his or her car seat on board, maximizing comfort.

Talk about your trip in advance. Tell your child or children that airports are busy places, and that you will spend quite some time waiting around. You can even get a book about planes, and get your child excited about air travel in advance. is a blog dedicated to fertility, conception, pregnancy and pregnancy signs. A new addition to the site is a free and personalized ovulation calendar to help you determine your most fertile days.

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