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When you have made the decision to create compost out of the materials that are in your yard, you are giving yourself the chance to save money and help create your gardens into a flourish of flowers and vegetables. To create the compost that you are looking for, you will need to purchase a compost bin or make your own compost bin. Making your own compost bin can be simple and you can create one out of the materials that are in your garage or your yard. Picking up a few extra materials to finish your compost bin will cost you and your budget a low amount of money.

Making your own compost bin, you will need the proper materials and you will also need to know how big you are going to make your compost bin and where you are going to place your compost bin. Know where you are going to place your compost bin before you start. Your compost bin needs to be placed in an area that is easily accessible and easy to reach. If you are planning on making your compost bin out of wood, you will want to find a place for your compost bin to be placed that will not disturb your neighbors. Depending on the recycled materials you are using in your yard will determine the smell that may be created from your compost pile and compost bin.

Once you know where you are going to place your compost bin, you will need the materials that you are going to use for your compost bin. Most of the bins that you purchase are made of plastic or metal. Compost bins that are made are typically made of wood. If you plan on using wood, the wooden materials that you can use are old wooden pallets you can pick up at your local hardware stores or shopping center, old fencing or wooden materials that are in your home. Wooden pallets can be picked up for a low amount of money and are sometimes free if you pick them up.

With the wooden materials you have picked up or have at your home, create a compost box that is at least three by three in size, but no more than five by five in size. These measurements will allow the recycled materials that you are placing into the compost bin to retain the moisture, oxygen and heat that is required. Since you are using wooden materials, the bottom of your compost bin will probably rot. Place your compost bin above the ground and in a place that will allow the moisture to flow out of the compost bin.

The compost bin can be made into the shape of a circle or square. When building your own compost bin, a square bin will be easier to accomplish. Build the sides and bottom to the height and width that you want. Before you place the top on your box, add a hinge that will allow you to open the box. This will give you the opportunity to add the recycled materials that you are using and will also give you the chance to mix the materials you have placed into the bin. Mixing the materials will speed up the process that is used to create the compost.

Once you have made your compost bin and placed it where you want it, you are ready to start using your compost bin. The materials that you use need to be an organic material that can be recycled. Many materials that are used are grass clippings, yard trimming and leaves. Each one of these materials will add an ingredient that will make a rich compost to use.

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