When Is Your Daughter Old Enough for Pierced Ears?


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So your daughter wants her ears pierced, and has come to you with tales of friends whose ears were pierced in infancy. Now you can’t help but wonder when your daughter is old enough for pierced ears. You are not the first, nor will you be the last. This is a totally personal decision that must be made by parent and daughter.

It is obviously a decision of some import, if it wasn’t, then the jewelry stores in the mall would not require waivers signed by parents, and release forms to be handed over. A piercing is a hole put in the body. It is equivalent to a self-inflicted wound of sorts. If not properly cared for, it could lead to infection, and that could spread. Even something as simple as an ear pierce can have serious consequences if the person in question does not take proper precautions and care of the pierced area. So, questioning how young is too young is not uncommon, nor unwise. Here are a few things to consider.

Does your daughter want her ears pierced? Often parents get their daughter’s ears pierced when they are very young, before they can even walk and talk, never giving them a choice. This is fine, as most girls want their ear pierced eventually. However, a piercing is a permanent thing, at least for some. Even when left without earrings, some holes never fill in. So, before making this kind of decision, ask yourself if your child is old enough to know for themselves if they want earrings or not.

The second thing that every parent need to take into account is whether or not their daughter is old enough to provide herself with the proper care after getting her ears pierced. Most places include a cleaning solution and instructions with the piercing, but that does not mean your daughter is going to follow those instructions and keep her ears clean. If she doesn’t, the risk of infection, which can lead to redness, swollen earlobes, pus, and even scarring increases significantly. Thus, this should be a determining factor in when your daughter is old enough to get her ear’s pierced. Most experts agree that by age 8 children can make choices for themselves, and show the responsibility in having pets, and things of this nature.

Lastly, ensure that your daughter has the dexterity and physical capability to change her own earrings. It may sound trite, but this is an important factor in when you should allow your child to get their ears pierced. If they are not old enough to change earrings to fit their mood or outfit, they are probably not old enough to get them pierced and handle the decision making, and responsibility for care that are associated with it.

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