The Perfect Haircut: At Home!


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In order to get the perfect haircut at home there are a few tips that ought to be followed. Consider the following:

1. The person whose hair is being cut must hold still. Because the person cutting hair at home is not as experienced as someone with a license in cosmetology, it is important that the subject holds extra still to help make up for it. A licensed professional can often cover mistakes, or deal with some movement, but a home hair cut takes better cooperation with both the subject and the cutter. If it is a small child whose hair is being cut, or if the cut will likely take a long time, a movie, toy, or someone to help keep the head still can be a big help.

2. The hair should be divided into sections. This is especially important if the hair is long. When a professional cuts hair, they use clips to divide the hair into sections. This is to help make it even on all sides, and to make sure that every strand gets attention. This is a practice worth following. So, when giving a home haircut, do not move all over the place, give each section attention and care before moving to the next.

3. Remember, wet hair looks longer than dry. Many a home haircut went awry when someone cut wet bangs to the length they want, only to have them by far shorter than expected when dried. While wet hair makes it easier to control where you are cutting, and keeps hair together, it is also going to appear longer, so keep that in mind when judging length, especially of bangs or highly visible layers, etc.

4. Have a plan. Do not attack hair without a plan. You might think that a few snips here and there could make a positive difference, but chances are it will just look like someone got a hold of the scissors. So, know what you want the overall look to be, and how you plan to achieve it. For example, you may want a “2” for the sides of your boy’s hair, and a finger width on top. You can blend up, and trim around the ears last. You may know you want your little girl’s bangs out of their face, so do that part first. They are most likely to hold still at the beginning of a haircut, so the parts that have to be straight and even, like the bangs, should be done first!

5. If it has to be perfect, maybe don’t cut it at home. While it is nice to save some money, and it is possible to get a great haircut at home, it is better safe than sorry. Practice your home haircuts when your kids are young so that you can perfect them before they are old enough to care.

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