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Going back to school is a lot of work, and you can always count on forgetting something or another that you need. The following is a back to school checklist to help you not forget those little things that always seem to slip your mind.

School supplies. This is the easiest one because the schools provide a list of the things that you will need in order to return to school. The lists usually comprise all of the normal items like the pens, paper, erasers, scissors, etc. and they often include things such as a box of Kleenex for the classroom.

Immunizations. One of the things that are required for back-to-school is ensuring your child is up to date for their immunizations. These do not have to be done every year, but they do have to be up to date before kindergarten, and then kept up to date after that. The school will ask for copies of their immunizations at registration.

Back-pack. A backpack is a big part of being ready for back to school, not only is it an accessory your child will wear every single day, but it is also how they transport things to and from school. Make sure it is cute and fits their personality, and that it is the right size for their frame, and has supportive straps so that it is safe to wear and will not cause back problems.

Water bottle. Keeping hydrated is good for the body and the brain. So, while doing your back to school shopping, pick up a re-usable water bottle that your child can personalize and take with them to school each day.

Clothes. Back to school shopping often involves new clothing, but most importantly is just ensuring your child has the proper attire for their school, as well for any classes they might be taking (dance, gym, etc.) and the right footwear as well. In addition you may want to make sure that they feel good about their clothes, as it can help inspire self confidence.

Lock. A bike lock, a locker lock, etc. Kids need locks at school, so be sure to pick up the various locks they will need to ensure their stuff will be protected from theft while they are at school.

Lunch. School goes through lunch time, so you will want to get your child signed up for a lunch plan at the school, or you will want to make sure you have portable foods that they can take to school each day, as well as the proper storage for it, whether that is a brown bag, or a lunch box, cooler, etc.

A routine. Last, but not least, part of your back to school checklist is making sure your child is mentally ready to go back to school. One of the best ways to do this is to already have them in the routine so that it is not a big adjustment. This means going to bed on time. Getting ready in the mornings, having time set aside as free time, and time set aside for personal development, such as lessons, etc. Then when you go back to school you won’t be fighting your kids to get up in the morning, or to do their homework after school.

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