Top Six Secrets of Being an Organized Mother


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Being an organized mom means having kids, and maintaining your household is much simpler. However, organization does not come easily to everyone. The following are six secrets of organized moms:

1. Schedules. An organized mom has a schedule of events, a calendar per say, so that everyone knows what they have and when. So, this schedule will include their daily routine, as well as anything extra. This way, nothing gets double booked, and no one gets left behind when they need a ride to dance, or a treat for a school activity. The most organized moms have a central location where all of the information is kept, making it easy for everyone to see what is going on, add to it, change it, etc.

2. Meal plans. Organized moms have meal plans, which means that when they grocery shop, they know exactly what to get, and when because they have a plan for what their family is going to eat for the week. A meal plan makes things simple. They may know to pull a chicken out of the freezer in the morning so it has time to defrost, because that is what they are going to cook for their children for dinner that night. A meal plan may also include pre-prepared meals that are frozen, and thus easy to get ready to feed a family on the run.

3. Rules. An organized mom has rules set for their family, and enforces the rules. For example, they may make a rule that says no television, friends, etc. until after your homework is completed. This makes life much simpler for mom because she does not have to worry about fitting those things in while juggling meals, and carpool.

4. Time off. Organized moms know when to take a break so that life does not overwhelm them. This means they may let dad take over for a few hours at night so that they can get a break, they may get involved in a car pool so that they do not have to drive every day, etc.

5. Places for everything. An organized mom creates places for everything, this way there is no congestion in the morning searching for backpacks, and shoes. An organized mom may create some cubby’s or hooks to hold these items, and ensures her children put the designated items there each day when they return from school.

6. Back-up plans. Organized moms are the people who have plan A, plan B, and plan C just in case something goes wrong. This means that you set up a carpool, but leave yourself available to be reached in case the car pool falls through. It means that you have chicken planned for dinner, but have the number of delivery on hand in case your dinner burns, or you run short of time. It means having a different plan prepared in order to keep your family on time, on track, healthy, happy, and fed.

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