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Pregnancy can be exciting and new. Your body is going through changes it never has before and sometimes that means packing on a few pounds that are hard to lose. As a new mom it can be frustrating trying to lose the extra baby fat while getting no sleep and feeling exhausted all the time. Some new moms just need a little extra help when it comes to knowing what to eat to lose your mommy tummy. Here are some suggestions that will help with what foods will help speed up your metabolism and which ones will not.

It’s important to remember that even though you want to lose the mommy tummy it will take some time and effort on your part, especially if this is your 2nd or 3rd child. And you also need to remember if you are nursing, nutrition and eating are very important things. With that in mind here are some ideas on what foods you can eat to help you burn some calories and lose the extra baby fat.

Fruits and Vegetables

When you’re trying to shed some extra pounds you really can’t go wrong with fruits and vegetables. Although you are not pregnant anymore there are certain nutrients your body still craves and needs that most fruits and vegetables can provide for you. Folic acid is one of those things that your body needs a lot of during pregnancy, but also needs a lot of after pregnancy especially if you are nursing a newborn. Folic acid can be found in green leafy vegetables like broccoli and cabbage, as well as fruits like bananas, oranges, and peaches. These are also foods that are high in vitamin B-12 which our bodies need more of than we give it. Vitamin C also has fat burning characteristics in it so eating foods like grapes, tangerines, and limes will also help with fat burning. Here are some other fruits and vegetables that can help you lose the mommy tummy but still keep you healthy:

  • Carrots- low calorie count, great snack, and can leave your tummy feeling full
  • Mango- packed with fiber and also has low calorie count

Lean proteins like egg and fish are a great choice.Lean proteins like egg and fish are a great choice.

Lean Proteins

Eating lean proteins can also help with burning fat. The more lean muscle tissue we have the faster we burn the calories off. Our bodies need protein, however if you’re trying to lose the fat you will want to make sure to get the leanest kind. Here are a couple of foods that fit into the lean protein group:

  • Eggs- eggs are high in protein, are great for your body, and can help burn the extra baby fat you want to get rid of. They are also high in vitamin B-12 which can help break down fats in your body.
  • Fish- fish is another great way to get protein into your body and not all the fat that comes with it. Tuna and salmon are just two examples of types of fish that really do your body good while helping to keep your body slim and trim.


Water is often overlooked and underestimated when it comes to trying to lose weight and body fat. Water is a vital part of the weight loss process. Many times people believe they are hungry when actually they are thirsty. The recommendation is that we need between eight and twelve glasses of water daily. However, if you are nursing a baby you will most likely need much more than that. Water keeps our bodies healthy on the inside and the outside.

Unfortunately there is no magic solution and list of what to eat to lose your mommy tummy, but with some brain smarts and careful monitoring of how much and what you are eating you will eventually lose the extra baby fat and fit back into your pre pregnancy clothes.

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