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If you are the parent of a child born during the fall months you may be overwhelmed with the thought of having to plan one more event. With the start of school, Halloween and the beginning of the holiday season many parents feel that they simply cannot throw an elaborate birthday party but do not want to short change their child on their birthday. While recent trends show parents throwing elaborate birthday parties worthy of a full-scale production company, you can take heart! A fall birthday does not mean you have to shortchange your child but with a little creativity and planning you can throw them a birthday party that they will never forget and you will not feel overwhelmed by. Here are some ideas for fall birthday parties simplified-

  • Let someone else do the work. Today there are many venues that have party packages ready for purchases. From children’s museum, restaurants, historical centers the choices are almost endless. If your child has a favorite place to visit you may want to contact them to see if they provide party services. Generally there is one fee that is paid for entrance to the venue for a specified number of guests, refreshments (birthday cake may or may not be included so be sure to ask), use of a party room and depending on the venue a storyteller, magician or other party entertainer. Some venues even provide invitations for you to send out. The best thing about this kind of party is that you simply show up and write the check. All of the work and the mess are taken care of for you. It is important to keep in mind however that most venues require a minimum number of guests so if your child is only wanting a couple of friends (or an extra large group) this may not be the right choice for this year’s birthday party.
  • Make sure your child is in on the planning.Make sure your child is in on the planning.

  • Take advantage of the season. Sometimes parents feel overwhelmed with the idea of hordes of rowdy kids running through their home. In most parts of the country the weather is still seasonably warm during the fall months so why not incorporate your birthday party outside? For younger children a visit to the pumpkin patch may be just enough for a birthday party. Finishing off the party with a hayride in a horse drawn wagon make just make the day memorable. If your child’s birthday is around Halloween why not visit a haunted house or do a corn maze? Just make sure that whatever you pick is age appropriate for your child and his or her friends.
  • Think like the party guests. Too often adults plan the party that they would want to have rather than what would satisfy their child and his or her friends. For example while you may feel an elaborate menu is necessary for your birthday, your six-year old and his friends may be perfectly happy with store-bought donuts and hot cocoa at the party. And while you may think that you need to send home goody bags full of prizes it is important to keep in mind that most kids would be just as happy with one or two small things or even just a candy bar. By thinking like your party guests you not only spare yourself the aggravation of over planning the party but you can save yourself some money as well.
  • Do not forget to include your child! Often in parents enthusiasm to plan their child’s birthday party they forget to get the wishes of the birthday child. If your child is less social and a bit more reserved they may want something a little less imposing than a full-scale party. Perhaps a movie with a couple of close friends or a day trip to somewhere special with you is all they are really wanting for their birthday. Remember that whatever you plan for your child born during those busy fall months you want to convey how special they are to you and how happy you are that it is their birthday!

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