October 2014

Easy Parenting Part III – The Don’ts List

Here are a few don’ts that found their way onto my easy parenting list; some came from the Freehold Parents Anonymous Group members and one came from Chelsey – who felt we were too strict (A sure sign of good parenting!). Don’t Correct Children in Front of Others Correcting children is a parent’s duty but […]

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The Pursuit of Happiness…You Thought This Would be Easy?

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3 Questions to Help you Get your Happiness On What does happiness mean to you? Is it having everything you want or does happiness live inside of something else like good health, good relationships, or goodness itself? Maybe it should be called the pursuit of goodness? “Happiness is not something ready- made. It comes from […]

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Easy Parenting Part II

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From the outside looking inward, couples never imagine how time-intensive parenting will be until they are swamped in diapers, homework and play dates. Children consume a great deal of effort, energy and attention as they grow but it does get better. The more care and training invested in the first few years, the easier it […]

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Story Time

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“What you do may seem insignificant, but it’s important that you do it.” –Mahatma Gandhi There was a little boy walking the beach and he noticed many starfish scattered all along the shore line. They were all still alive but he knew that if they didn’t get back into the water soon they would all […]

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