October 2013

Choices Give Kids Power

“When you take a parent’s old discipline tools away, you need to replace them with new tools.” I made that comment during a TV interview many years ago for a documentary about child abuse from a parent’s perspective. I never wanted to hit my children like my parents did but I had no other tools— […]

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Administering Pediatric Safety [Infographic]

Thumbnail image for Administering Pediatric Safety [Infographic]

Source: Adams Safety Training

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Get Off Your BUT

Is it an excuse or procrastination? 8 Ways to GET OFF YOUR “BUT” F.E.A.R. False evidence appearing real Take a good look at this picture. Is this a fair representation of you, your life, your dreams that have yet to bloom; your potential that has yet to be discovered? OR Is this picture representative of […]

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Rules and Boundaries for Adult Children

Eighteen is the magic number: Children are always stretching boundaries with parents, even when they are considered to be adults. As children grow from one stage to the next rules need review and updating as their age and maturity levels increase. Having clear rules and expectations are as important when they are fifteen as when […]

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A Is 4 Adoption

Laurie Colton is the owner of A Is 4 Adoption, a licensed and bonded California adoption facilitation center. Laurie and her dedicated staff are committed to answering all of your questions and concerns for the baby adoption process. She believes in providing all the necessary support to adoptive parents so that they make an informed […]

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Slay Your Dragon With Just Two Words

Mistakes I’ve made along the way have created a life of regret The toll it has taken on my self-worth it seems my soul will never forget How can I move forward with hope and pride when I feel so empty and low inside I believe I’ve learned to be a procrastinator and a heavy […]

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