September 2007

Considerations For The Family Looking at Colleges

September 26, 2007

College is a choice in a student’s life that should take serious consideration and time. For one, it is an expensive thing to do. Going to college for the sake of only experiencing the social perks might not be the smart way to go. For the money it would take to pay for a year’s […]

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Helping Your Teen Make the College Decision

September 25, 2007

When a child starts high school, as a parent, you should be actively talking to your child about college. Regularly discuss all of the choices that they need to make to put themselves in a good position so that it helps them decide which college experience is right for them. Getting good grades is something […]

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Tips For Choosing the Right College For Your Child

September 23, 2007

Choosing the right college isn’t a decision that you make all by yourself as a parent. Hopefully you involve the child that will be attending school in the Fall in the decision making process so that they can appreciate the work it will take to be successful in what they do. As a parent, knowing […]

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Helping Your Teenage Daughter Improve Her Body Image

September 22, 2007

Teenage girls are faced with a lot of peer pressure, and one of those pressures tends to give them a negative body image. They see models who are stick thin, movie stars with perfect figures, big chests, etc. And, instead of comparing apples to apples, they compare themselves to people who have personal trainers, dietitians, […]

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The Dangers of Negative Body Image

September 21, 2007

Body image is something that we probably have all struggled with at one time or another. Even those endowed with great genetics have insecurities about their bodies. These insecurities, when dwelt upon, tend to fester, and can lead to very serious issues. Negative body image is not something to be taken lightly. If your daughter […]

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Spotting Then Fixing Poor Body Image in Teens

September 20, 2007

If your daughter has a body image problem, you will probably want to spot and fix it quickly so that it does not lead to serious illness or problems for her. Many parents are oblivious to their daughter’s self image problem until it has escalated to the point where they are starving themselves, purging, over […]

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