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Three Top Tips to Help Parents Fight the Urge to “Fix” Everything!

When you are really listening and trying to understand your children it is important to guard against some of the things that seem to come naturally when you are trying to help. Often when our children express their fears, hurts, and anger, we rush in to “fix things”… It is important to remember your children’s […]

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Why Kids Argue And How Parents Can Stop It!

“My kids argue constantly with me and it is driving me crazy! No matter what I say they have to have the last word!” Sound familiar? Nothing pushes a parent’s buttons more than an argumentative child. I actually had a parent tell me one time, “I would pay a million dollars if someone could tell […]

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Flexibility is a Parent’s Best Tool!

We hear it all of the time…parents are frustrated! To gain more insight, I recently did an informal survey of 10 parents asking them to recall a specific situation with their children that had left them feeling frustrated. Their frustration with their children, ages 2 yrs. old to 16 yrs. old, revolved around their behavior, […]

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Bullying…Everyone is a Victim

I hear from parents of children who are victims of bullying at an alarming rate. They are looking for insight, advice and suggestions to help their children. There is nothing new about bullying. Ask anyone who has completed their school years and you will hear story after story of when they were bullied or of […]

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It’s Time to Examine Your Relationship With Your Children!

Don’t you love how nature provides us with a specific time each year to enjoy new beginnings after a long winter of hibernation? Everywhere we look we see evidence of “new life” appearing. Buds on the trees, blossoms on the flowers and the chirping of new “momma” birds filling the air… Most of us follow […]

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Embracing Your Child’s Spirit

Recently my grandson, Zach, age 11, announced he wanted to be an alligator wrangler! Although I am mindful to respect his journey as his own and make it a point to encourage him to experience all he desires in life, this one gave me pause. It is one thing when your child says he wants […]

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