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A summer wedding promises beauty and a great setting for an outdoor wedding or reception. With all of the natural outdoor beauty, one can understand why it might be hard to choose the flowers for a summer wedding. The following is a look at some of the best flowers for a summer wedding:

1. The best flowers for a summer wedding are whatever flowers you want. A wedding is the day that is all about you. The flowers you want for your wedding should not be influenced by trends or popularity. Instead, you should feel comfortable choosing whatever flowers you like best. Whether they are in season, in vogue, or whatever else, if you want them for your summer wedding, you should do what you can to have them.

2. Roses. Roses are a traditional wedding flower that can be used for weddings in any season. The beauty of using roses in your summer wedding is that you can get roses in summer colors, and they will work perfectly. Beautiful yellow roses capture the warmth and brilliance of summer, and the tradition and fun of weddings. Of course, roses also work well with other flowers, which means that if you choose roses as your main summer wedding flower, you can also add in daisies, tulips, or whatever flowers you like best.

3. Lilies and calla lilies are extremely popular for summer weddings. If you are planning a white wedding, Calla lilies make a great choice, as they are white and quite lovely. Of course, in addition to calla lilies, look for other varieties, such as “stargazers”, which have large blooms, fragrant scents, and are a great eye catcher. Lilies really help capture the feeling of summer while emanating grace and class. Just be careful not to get lily pollen on your wedding dress, as it is really difficult to remove.

4. Gerberas are a very popular flower for summer weddings. One of the reasons is that they come in a wide variety of colors. They are usually a great shape, and look fantastic in both bouquets, and as arrangements, which means they are a fantastic decoration, and a perfect addition to the perfect summer wedding.

5. Tulips. Tulips are a great flower for a summer wedding because they are fragile and gorgeous. They have a variety of colors, and are a classy, and are usually easy to get in the summer. Tulips look lovely in a bouquet, and make for nice arrangements for tables, which means they can be used for centerpieces. They do not make good boutonnieres, however, so you may need to choose another flower to compliment them.

When choosing the best flowers for a summer wedding, start by looking at what is in season, in summer flowers are usually less expensive, and easier to find. Next, look at the various colors of flowers, and choose the colors that go so well with your wedding colors.

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