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7 Ways To Help Your Kids Listen: Really!

The biggest complaint I hear from parents is this: “My kids don’t listen to me! “No matter what I say to my children they don’t cooperate!” “How can I get my kids to listen and do what I tell them?” It is quite frustrating for parents, (me included) when kids do not listen to us. […]

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Helping Our Kids See Our Point of View

I met a friend in the supermarket and she said, I loved your last piece but next time you write an article it needs to be for kids, teaching them to see the world through their parent’s eyes. I said laughingly, “That would never work!” But she got me thinking and the more I thought […]

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Good Parenting: How To Understand What Your Kids Are Telling You

Communication with kids is complicated. I am sure most parents will agree. It is not so easy to always understand what kids are telling us. That is because they are just learning how to use language to express themselves. They often don’t have the emotional intelligence to understand their emotions, why they feel the way […]

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Good Parenting: One Simple Strategy To Improve Your Child’s Behavior

Words are a powerful tool. They can make or break our interactions with others. We know that with Grandma Sylvia we can never mention the ring she lost on vacation in Florida. Uncle Bob gets mad when you mention the year his high school team football team missed the championship game because of a freak […]

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