Toddler to Hulk in .3 seconds

by on February 21, 2013

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Everyone loves a good tantrum right? I know I do! Very often I want to throw myself on the floor, scream at the top of my lungs and bash my head repeatedly on the tiled surface, an urge which, scarily, seems to overcome me quite regularly. For example, the urge will rear its ugly head at places such as the supermarket queue, the queue which never moves as my husband has an uncanny knack for choosing the trainee cashier who is working at ‘turtle with asthma’ speed, or the cashier who needs to ping her light to get EVERY.SINGLE.THING approved! The urge to have a good tanty overcomes me in the car, particularly when I am late or in a rush (pretty much always!) and the moron in front of me actually STOPS at the orange light!! It is orange!! Keep going! Don’t actually stop! Orange just means prepare to stop if you can….right? The urge also makes a guest appearance when confronted with rude people, bad customer service & just generally abhorrent behaviour, the irony of which of course is not lost on me!


Thomas not happy that he has been refused his 10th biscuit!

Therefore, given that when you enter adulthood it is not really considered socially acceptable to throw oneself on the floor in public and generally writhe around protesting your hardships, I can’t help but admit to being somewhat envious of Thomas who, as a toddler, has now entered a window in time whereby he has earn the right to throw out a tantrum whenever the hell he feels like it and over whatever the hell he damn well pleases! And throw a tantrum he does! Spontaneous combustion can happen at any time and, whilst this element of surprise naturally adds to the drama of the situation, it is also solely responsible from turning my usually quite happy little man into a replica of the Incredible Hulk. No, he doesn’t turn green and suddenly develop a very wig like hairstyle! But he does suddenly acquire possession of an almost super toddler type strength which enables all 12kgs of him to transform into what feels like 40kgs of thrashing, writhing muscle! A particular trick he likes to perform whilst arching his back in the stroller when being ‘forced’ to be strapped in against his will!

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is definitely somewhat frustrating and, at times, most definitely embarrassing, however, let’s also be very honest, if you can’t make the most of doing it then, when can you?

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