Personality Traits of Your Firstborn Child

by on March 9, 2011

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The first child is usually the child who gets the most attention from family, friends, etc. They are also often given the most responsibility when it comes to the family. Because they are so used to attention, they often become perfectionists who feel like they are always under a microscope. This tends to help them form a personality that is one way or another. They are typically compliant or aggressive in the general sense.

Most first-born children are mature for their age, have great vocabularies at young ages, are often smart. They have had a lot of one on one attention, and thus, they have developed faster. Because of this, they tend to be high energy, are logical, typically far more logical than most. They are usually fairly ambitious, and because of a lot of support this ambition tends to pay off. They are used to being the center of attention, and a success. This leads to enterprising, scholarly minds.

It sounds funny that first born children are often the smartest children, and are the ones that become the heads of big corporations, who earn more money than their siblings, and are better educated. However, it is a cycle that is hard to break. Parents become used to feeding them, taking care of them, showering them with love and so on, so when a second child comes, they often maintain the attention levels, and because of the time and money invested in the older children, they continue to invest in them, as they show promise. The cycle continues.

Most first born children have personality traits that either fit under the term “compliant” or under the term “aggressive”. Let’s look at these two personality types:

Compliant personalities of first-born children are usually people pleasers. They spend the first few years of their life under a microscope, being pleased for everything they do, from their first poop on the toilet to their first word. It is more exciting to parents than those same milestones in the younger children. Because of this it sets a standard, and often first-born children crave approval. However, with that they are the oldest child, and thus are often relied on to help the other children, and they become nurturers, caregivers, the reliable, conscientious ones. They tend to be the kind of child, and then adult, who makes the most of situations. They are often team players, but take the leadership role.

Aggressive personality- these are the ones you see at the heads of large companies. They are the natural leaders, the real perfectionists, the ones who are super driven, and as a result keep their lives, and often everyone else’s under control. They want things their way, and are assertive enough to have it be that way. They are the movers and shakers, the ones who lead the country, the ones who lead their businesses, etc. Basically, first-born kids are used to the leadership role in their family, and they do not relinquish it when they grow up.

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