Your Stubborn Toddler and Bath Time

by on September 18, 2010

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Bath time is not always something toddlers look forward to, and because of this, it can be hard on mom and dad as well. Instead of fighting a kicking, screaming, splashing toddler to take a proper bath, let’s look at some ways to make bath time fun for stubborn toddlers:

1. Tub toys: Kids love toys, and while it may distract them from the point of the bath, washing and cleaning themselves, it can also distract them from their stubbornness about taking a bath. So, whether you have a girl or a boy, choose some tub toys that they will enjoy, and that are designed for the bath tub, or will hold up well getting wet, and let them play when them as you scrub hair, and wash behind ears.

Play games with the bath toys.Play games with the bath toys.

2. Bubbles: For some reason kids love bubbles, so buy some kid friendly bubble bath that is not going to dry out their skin or cause irritation, but that foams up well, and run it in their tub. They will enjoy making foam mustaches and beards, blowing the bubbles around, using them to cover their bodies, and just have fun in them. In addition, many act as a double agent, entertaining the child while also aiding in getting them clean.

3. Bath crayons: When nothing else works, giving your child a crayon and telling them that it is okay in this instance to draw on the walls should overcome any stubborn behavior. Crayola has designed crayons make specifically for bathtubs, the “wax” washes off easily, and makes for a fun activity for a toddler while they are being scrubbed clean. They can unleash their creativity on the bathtub walls, and when the bath is over, you can simply wipe the walls down with the rag you used to clean your child.

4. Bath songs: One fun way to make bath time more fun for a stubborn toddler is to sing bath songs to help them get through the routine. They will be more willing to let you wash their hair if it is part of the song. You can make up your own lyrics to popular tunes they already know, or learn some existing tub time songs.

5. Bath games: Even the most stubborn toddler’s resistance will fade when you introduce a fun bath time game. The game might be something really simple like playing peek-a-boo using the washcloth you wash with (while playing you are simultaneously washing their face and wetting their hair), Playing a game to see who can blow bubble from the tub the furthest, or something more complex. Make up games based on your child’s level of understanding, and enjoy being able to bath them and get them clean while they are having fun, not crying for you to stop.

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