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Babies love to look at and explore the world around them and part of their world is their crib. If you choose the right crib toys for your baby’s crib, their crib can become a learning environment. One thing that you need to keep in mind when picking out toys for your baby’s crib is that you are going to want to choose safe toys that will help your child’s senses develop. In some cases, you are going to want to remove the toys from your baby’s crib while they are sleeping, but some toys are considered safe to leave in a baby’s crib.

Something else that you want to keep in mind when picking out toys for your baby’s crib is that most babies like toys that have contrasting colors. This is especially important for the first few months of your baby’s life because their vision is still developing. When choosing toys you want to pick toys that have high contrast color combinations. Black and white toys will also be easier for your baby to see, so they can be considered in addition to the bright colored toys.

Baby's safety in the crib comes first.Baby’s safety in the crib comes first.

The different textures and shapes are something else that you need to consider when picking out toys for your baby. The more variety you offer them in toys the more they are going to learn from the toys. You want to pick toys that have smooth bumps and textures, so that your baby doesn’t get hurt by hard edges or sharp corners. You can also provide your baby with large, rounded blocks because they are also considered safe toys. You will also need to provide your baby with toys that they can hold and squeeze easily. Babies always notice movement so by providing those with toys that are brightly colored or that move you can attract your baby’s attention.

No matter what toy you buy for your baby’s crib you will want to make sure that they are safe enough to go into your baby’s mouth. With baby’s everything goes straight from your baby’s hands into their mouth, so you want to make sure the toys you get them are safe to go in their mouth. You want to choose toys that are sturdy, non-toxic, and unbreakable. You also want to make sure that the toys you choose are easily washable because of your baby chewing on the toys. Look at the labels on the toys to find out what kind of washing is required. Some toys will require hand washing and line drying, while others can simply go in the washing machine or the dishwasher.

Safety is another concern that you need to have when buying crib toys for your baby. You want to choose toys that are appropriate for your child’s age, which will be labeled on the box to help you choose the correct toy. The labels will also tell you when a toy is not suitable for children under a certain age. If the toy is not labeled or does not come with instructions, you do not to buy the toy. You should also avoid toys that come with small parts and have the warning “choking hazard” because they are not appropriate toys for infants.

Before you put any toys inside of your baby’s crib, you are going to want to examine the toys carefully. You want to make sure that the toys are in good condition. Stuffed toys should have sturdy seams that will not pull apart if your child chews or pulls on them. Hard toys should have smooth corners and no sharp edges. You also need to watch for toys that could pinch your baby’s fingers; they should not be used in the crib. Ribbons and strings on toys also need to be avoided. Cut any ribbons off before giving your baby the toy because ribbons are strangulation hazards.

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