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Choosing a color for a boy’s room can be difficult. There are so many choices and so many shades to choose from. There are some colors that are great and some that are just plain awful. Let’s look at some great colors for boy’s rooms.

There is always the traditional blue. Blue is a wonderful color. There are tons of different shades and so you can really make the room bright or just lightly blue.

Green is another of the boy colors. It again comes in many shades. There are many green shades that should be avoided when you are picking out the paint color. Make sure that you don’t pick the gross ones.

Brown is a great choice too. You can do a lighter brown for a more neutral look, or a medium shade of brown for an earthy look. If your son is really into things like the earth and learning about it, then create a room around it. There are tons of options for brown. It is also a great color to use with other colors.

Red is both a boy and girl color. Lighter reds are more girly and darker are more for boys. Reds are great to brighten up a room or make it seem fun and inviting. You don’t want the red too dark or the room will seem scary and too red. It would be like walking into a furnace. You don’t want that illusion.

You can build themes around the colors. You can have a blue or a green theme and use different shades of the colors. You can make borders around the room to make it more decorative. Use the colors throughout the rooms to make the colors stand out more. If you want, you can even mix the colors. You can mix blue and brown and really make the room pop.

Have your son help you pick out the color for his room. It will give him some responsibility and really make the room his. Help him not to choose gross colors but ones that he loves and that will really go with his personality and his decorations that he has in his room.

Some of the paint colors are absolutely horrible. They look gross and disgusting. If your son is helping you pick out the paint color, don’t let him get the nasty ones. You know which ones they are. You really don’t want a burnt orange wall unless your son wants a Thanksgiving theme in his room.

Picking a color is important. Make sure that you take the time and really decide which color would work the best with your son’s room. Paint a small amount of the paint on his wall and have him look at it for a few days. If he likes it and you like it, then buy the big buckets of paint. If you don’t, then keep looking. Sometimes all you need is a slightly different shade for it to be the perfect color.

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