Why Girls Are Harder to Raise

by on September 27, 2009

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People who have boys swear boys are harder to raise. People with girls swear girls are. The following are a few simple reasons why despite the arguments, girls are clearly more difficult to raise.

Self-image. Girls struggle with self image almost their whole life. It is possible that even a toddler will have self-esteem problems, or at least image problems. Little girls often see their moms wear make-up, and they want to. They see their mom curl their hair, and they want to. Self image issues lead to issues in other areas. They change who they are because they want to be someone else. They wear certain brands, or do their hair a certain way because that is what is popular. As a parent it is so difficult to see your child flounder around about who they want to be. Boys do not struggle with this nearly as much. They don’t have the conflicts girls have. Girls have media telling them to stay thin, and they have their developing body going curvy.

Esteem. Girls struggle with self-esteem. A lot of their issues that are difficult to parent, such as problems with boys, lying, drinking, drugs, etc. stem from having esteem issues. Basically they do not know who they want to be, so they become who the people around them at the time want them to be. This means if they are at a party and everyone is drinking, they drink too. If everyone is into a certain band, or a certain artist, etc. then they will be too. As a parent this is difficult to watch, and more difficult to change. When you step in, they resist you and go further into their downward self esteem issue. Hard!

Body. Girls struggle with their body, and all that goes with it, menstrual cycles, changes as they go through puberty, and so on. Of course boys go through this as well, but they usually do not have to deal with things like leaking during their period. So, as a parent, helping your child understand and accept, and prepare for those changes is difficult. As a parent, you never want to see this happen. It is a hard subject to broach, and a harder subject to parent.

Friends. When boys have friends it is often because of shared interests or activities. When girls have friends, it is usually a complex web. In many cases they don’t actually even like each other, they just have to stay “friends” because they are competing for the same guy, or because they need to know what the other person is up to, or because they have a similar circle of friends, and they don’t want to look bad in front of them. With girls, friends tend to change far more frequently than with boys, and there is most certainly more drama. Things get blown out of proportion, and girls read into everything and anything. It is hard to parent the emotional roller coaster, and ever changing friendship status of a girl’s life, especially in the teenage years.

Communication. As a toddler, it is easier to parent a girl because they tend to communicate better than a boy, but that communication comes so easily that pretty soon your girl is going to be putting a lot of effort and energy into it, which leads to gossip, drama, and problems that are hard to parent.

Girls are harder because they are more emotional, thus more dramatic.

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