Mobile Apps and Websites That Can Teach Your Kids About Saving

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Prices of goods increase all the time, which can weaken our purchasing power as parents. It is extremely important that we teach our children one essential habit: to set aside money for savings even at an early age. I’ve often asked myself what would be the best way how, and considering that saving isn’t exactly […]

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Is Your Smartphone Safe for Your Children

As a parent, you take many precautions to protect your children. You baby proof the house, you put up safety gates, you give them swimming lessons, and you teach them about stranger danger. You even activate parental locks on your TV and game consoles. But one precaution many parents fail to take is to make […]

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Top Ten Parents’ iPad Apps

The iPad is a new product, with a great deal of applications available. The following is a list of ten applications that are perfect for parents, for a variety of reasons. 1. Things: This is an application, that much to its name, offers the ability to keep all of the “things” in your life organized […]

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Top Ten iPad Apps for Kids

The following are ten great applications for the iPad for kids: 1. The Miss Spider app: This is an application originally designed for the iPhone, but great for the iPad. It is a great application for kids that offers a lot of different features to keep them having fun all day long. One of the […]

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