Meet the Parents: Your Teen’s First Girlfriend

Watching your children grow up is always a bit of a scary prospect, especially when they start to bring home their dates, and most especially when they announce that the girl they bring in the door is their girlfriend–most especially, their first girlfriend. Here are three tips for meeting your teen’s first girlfriend: 1. Ask […]

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Keeping Your Tween’s Talk Positive

Your tween probably has a lot to say, and can talk and talk. They will talk to you, to their friends, etc. They will use the phone, the Internet, texting, email, instant messaging, and more to communicate. Sometimes this communication becomes gossip. What can you do as a parent to help keep your tween’s chatter […]

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10 Ways You Can Shine Your Inner Light

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The dictionary defines a lighthouse as a structure with a powerful light that gives a continuous or intermittent signal to navigators; a beacon. The lighthouse can signal danger or provide a safe harbor for seafarers. While the lighthouse is a timeless symbol of confidence, strength and direction it is also something more personal. It symbolizes […]

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What I Learned From Other Parents Anonymous Members

This is the first installment in the series about the extraordinary parents that taught me about parenting, life and death. With no family or friends in the area, I attended my Parents Anonymous group meeting every week for many years. Having a group of parents – mothers and fathers – to compare notes with was […]

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What Not To Say to Moms and Dads of Special Children

The world is already very cruel to special kids, and to their parents too. Do you really want to be the person that adds insult to injury. If you aren’t (and we were hoping you would say that), then it is best to know what things you must never say to moms of kids with […]

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Meet the Boyfriend: Tips for Meeting Your Teen’s First Boyfriend

Meeting your teen’s first boyfriend is never an easy step to take as a parent. Here are five tips to make it easier: 1. Don’t air issues in front of them. Even if you told your daughter she could not have a boyfriend, the meeting of said boyfriend is not the time to bring it […]

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